Jason King's Desert Island Discs

3 things to take with you

  • A pair of trainers so that I can run morning loops round the Island.
  • A box of pens and lots of paper, so that I can continue to write and create, maybe I could even write my own biography or my own rescue story!
  • A laminated picture of my family to keep me company.


I have read so many books by extraordinary people who have done amazing deeds of heroic selflessness and they are all amazing, but the last one I read was about a nurse working for Medecins Sans Frontieres in Sudan, and as Sudan is a country I have had the pleasure of making films with the orphaned children, it really touched me. The book is called ‘Heart of Darfur’ by Lisa French Blaker.


I don’t have an all-time favourite song, I seem to have a new one for different periods of my life. Right now I find myself singing along to Taylor Swift – ‘Look what you made me do’ because I hear it often coming from my daughters room.


My favourite quote is ‘Make visible that without you might never have been seen’ by the French film director Robert Bresson. The quote says it all and it is something very important to me.