Who we are

We are a team of associated creative trainers, facilitators and arts practitioners, based in Cardiff, Wales, with a collective 120 years’ experience and successful work in the arts. We want to share the unique and valuable processes that we use in the arts to empower individuals, businesses and educational organisations to create confidence.

Creative director

Adrienne O'Sullivan


Adrienne is the Director of Act Now Creative Training and an award-winning trainer.

Adrienne is passionate about people, their potential and the power of the arts to develop that potential. Her other passions are her family, animation, brilliant box sets and colour.

Associate creative trainers

Simon Harris

Simon Harris

Simon is a theatre director, writer and producer. His skills are located in understanding people, how they relate to each other and how their potential can be developed.

He is passionate about many aspects of the arts, but believes in the capacity of theatre and its associated practice to enliven, inspire and involve. Outside of work, he is passionate about music, cooking, especially baking bread, Manchester United and his adorable family.

Carri Munn

Carri Munn

Carri Munn is an actor, director, trainer, lecturer and stand up comedian.

Carri has been an Associate of Act Now since 2006.She has also trained Doctors to communicate more effectively, fire-fighters to manage their teams more efficiently and has encouraged countless individuals to feel the fear and do their presentations anyway. Carri is passionate about stand up comedy, long distance running and is a huge fan of all things Italian.

Jason King

Jason King

Jason King is an award winning filmmaker, skilled in writing, directing, camera and editing.

Jason is passionate about giving a voice to the under represented and when not filmmaking he enjoys nothing better than a long hike and a climb. Jason’s motto for life is Robert Bresson’s quote “make visible that without you, may never have been seen”.

Key Associates

We have access to some of the top actors and arts specialists currently working in Wales. We always aim to offer specific individuals that are appropriate for the client’s needs and it is important that all of our associates have a current arts practice and are developing and refreshing their skills through exciting projects and connections.

Associated Organisations and Collaborators

Arts & Business Cymru

A&B Cymru’s role is to promote, enable and develop mutually beneficial partnerships between business and the arts.

“In over a decade of partnership, Adrienne and her team have delivered a consistently high quality service for A&B Cymru and a wide range of our business members. The work of Act Now makes a tangible impact on people in the workplace. It takes a creative and tailored approach, helping individuals to enhance their skills and communicate more effectively.”

Rachel Jones, Chief Executive, A & B Cymru

The Map Consortium

A group of experienced artist-facilitators designing and leading creative professional development and culture change programmes.

“Adrienne’s work combines rigorous planning and methodology from the worlds of business and the arts to produce powerful and lasting impact.”

Fiona Lesley, Co-Director, The Map Consortium