Advanced Presentation Skills

Bespoke one to one coaching for Senior managers who are keen to refine their skills and improve on their existing expertise. Three one to one coaching sessions totalling six hours.

Advanced Presentation Skills

Course commitment


  • Completion of confidential pre course expectation form
  • Preparation of a Major Presentation or Key Note Speech
  • Notes and Guidelines


  • One to one rehearsal session held at a Venue.
  • One to one feedback session for each delegate at the company office
  • One to one reworked session filmed at the Venue


  • Completion of an evaluation form following the final one to one session
  • DVD of first practice session and final presentation/speech
  • Polished presentation/speech for future use

Course Aims

  • Aligning the delivery of company ethos and vision
  • Bespoke and tailored one to one coaching
  • Creative and motivating tools for successful and memorable speeches
  • Delivery and fine tuning of current keynote speech or presentation

Participant feedback

“Individual employee’s and the Firm’s profiles were directly enhanced by the bespoke training Act Now delivered leading to greater media and client exposure. In addition the training identified capabilities leading to the creation of highly successful new business services.”
Alison Love – Alison Love Ltd – Former Head of Employment Law – Hugh James

“This is a challenging course and you do need to go into this with an open mind. I know that I have benefited from this course because during the period between the 1st and 3rd sessions I have received positive feedback for a number of talks I have given. This course has provided me with a framework to understand how to be an effective presenter.”
Dave Pitman – Director – Arups

“I would definitely recommend this course. It is a great way to appreciate presentation skills and techniques at your own level and pace, rather than a blanket training event. I found it a unique, tailored approach incorporating active discussion and exploring new ways of learning alongside an art professional.”
Cath More Former North Wales Manager – A & B Cymru