Transforming meeting room culture

There is a large scope for what we can achieve through our bespoke courses. This can include a wide variety of issues that you want to explore, develop and transform.

Course aims

  • Creative and fun exercises to engage all members of the team
  • Develop creative team approaches to specific issues
  • Explore awareness of personal impact and presence

Previous key issues covered

  • Communication skills, styles and team building
  • Confidence building, creativity and innovation
  • Continuous Professional Development/Lifelong learning
  • Cross team working and selling your vision/product or service
  • Change management – promotion and reorganisation
  • Culture shifts, problem solving and motivational issues
  • Chairing and participating in productive meeting

Our objective was to support line managers and team leaders in developing their behaviour and self-awareness when conducting or participating in meetings. Having formulated a very in depth programme, Act Now invited the nominated team members to attend two group sessions at the Wales Millennium Centre, complemented by a series of three 1:1 coaching sessions for selected individuals.

“I have to say that the feedback from my colleagues was more than commendable. Act Now’s hands-on workshop approach was very enjoyable and we relished not having to endure countless power point slides. The demonstrate/practice/learn training technique worked brilliantly.For me, the key benefit in this style of training is being able to witness my colleagues demonstrating newly learnt techniques.”
David Steer – Former head of training –

Attendee comments

“Meetings have become more effective and better organised”

“I feel I’m more confident in running meetings / group sessions. I’m also more aware of the importance of understanding why someone is behaving as they are… e.g. why don’t they feel comfortable addressing the group as a whole but are happy one-to-one?”

“I found the 1-2-1 sessions extremely helpful and logical in its direction. I got more out of this training than I have in managers training over the last 7 years. It was refreshing and very insightful. Thanks”