Transformative team awaydays

As bespoke team awaydays there is a large scope for what we can achieve. This can include a wide variety of issues that you want to explore, develop and transform. All delivered in unique venues.

Course aims

  • Creative and fun exercises to engage all members of the team
  • Develop creative team approaches to specific issues
  • Explore awareness of personal impact and presence

Previous key issues covered

  • Communication skills, styles and team building
  • Confidence building, creativity and innovation
  • CPD/ problem solving / future vision
  • Cross team working and selling your vision/product or service
  • Culture Change – promotion and reorganisation

Case study

Hijinx was keen to further develop its team and spend some quality time sharing good practice in a creative workshop environment as a springboard to future artistic activity. The aim of the training was to use the past as a touchstone for the future growth of the company.


“It was a rare chance for the company to work together in this way, as a team, not locked into our own roles – very equalising.”
Gaynor Lougher and Ben Pettitt-Wade


“Thought it was an excellent day, very well structured exercises which were fun and then dissected in an intelligent and informative way.”

“It was an extremely good day and a rare chance for the company to work together in this way.”

“In terms of team building, listening and understanding the strengths and challenges in our team it was invaluable”