One to one

Three one to one coaching sessions. Bespoke coaching for senior managers who are required to communicate company vision and organisational goals with confidence and impact at a high level.

Attendees will benefit from:

  • A confidential and relaxed learning opportunity with lasting benefits
  • Increased personal awareness and confidence both physically and vocally.
  • Experience in presenting concise, digestible and memorable information
  • Development of authentic, assertive and impactful communication style

Benefits for your organisation are:

  • Confident Senior team members with an increased ability to influence colleagues, clients, customers and stakeholders
  • Dynamic senior leaders with increased confidence to support organisational goals
  • High profile individuals empowered and happy to share your company vision

What others have said about this course

“Individual employee’s and the Firm’s profiles were directly enhanced by the bespoke training Act Now delivered leading to greater media and client exposure. In addition, the training identified capabilities leading to the creation of highly successful new business services.”
Alison Love – Alison Love Ltd - Former Head of Employment Law – Hugh James

"I know that I have benefited from this course because during the period between the 1st and 3rd sessions I have received positive feedback for a number of talks I have given. This course has provided me with a framework to understand how to be an effective presenter.”
Dave Pitman – Director - Arups

"Thank you for helping me to understand the origins of behaviours about which I have had wrong assumptions for decades – this has unlocked new possibilities and hope.”
Dr Fiona Rawlinson - Postgraduate Programme Director Cardiff University