Why choose us?

We could wax lyrical about what we do, how our training always moves people forward and that the impact of our training has always led to referrals or repeat business, but we think it’s always better to hear it from our clients’ perspective.

“The training Act Now delivers unleashes creative thinking in an innovative way.”
Robert Lloyd Griffiths, Director, IOD Wales

“I can recommend the training without reservation, it is effective and fun.”
Ann Hemming, Learning & Development Consultant, London

“I can’t recommend Act Now highly enough in terms of both the invaluable skills learnt and the enjoyment in taking part.”
Tracy Kearns, Business Support Manager, ChandlerKBS

What do we offer?

  • Presentation skills – introductory and intermediate
  • Advanced one-to-one presentation skills
  • Creative team training
  • Customer care courses
  • Media skills – one-to-one and group courses

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How long does the training last?

If we are working with you on a one-to-one basis, it lasts for two hours over three sessions. Other courses can be delivered as half day, whole day or over several days depending on your needs, budget and time available.

Where do we deliver the training?

Our courses take place either at your business premises or in creative environments. The benefits of training in creative environments are:

  • Opportunity to look at your approach from a new perspective
  • Stimulating environment
  • Participants enjoy being away from the demands of their work environment
  • Space to think and try out new approaches to old challenges

Course size

This is dependent on the specific course and aims, however from experience the best size for a group training session is 12. For some advanced courses this may be better delivered to six individuals. When working with senior staff one-to-one, it is cost effective to have three delegates attending for the day.

How much does it cost?

As the training is bespoke there are various factors involved in the final cost. We will always aim to be as competitive as possible whilst giving you specific and relevant training.

Here are some key things to consider that will build the cost of your training package:

  • Creative venue or at your premises
  • How long participants can be released for training
  • Number of participants
  • Any catering requirements

Following a chat about your aims it would be straightforward to give a clear estimate of costs.

How do we get started?

Call us for a no obligation conversation about your training needs. In our experience, talking things through with an independent trainer can clarify and confirm what the specific training needs of your organisation are and can lead to an exciting training opportunity unfolding.