Create confidence

A unique programme delivered in a cinema arts setting offering an opportunity to explore personal and professional confidence, behaviours and ambition leading to promotion and securing senior leadership roles. Ideal for a group of First Line Managers and Team Leaders. The modules can also be tailored for other levels in your organisation. Participants will receive individual feedback, a personal copy of filmed work and a post course reading list.

“Results from initial courses have been overwhelming with an average rise of 25% in confidence, effectiveness and visibility”.

Attendees will benefit from:

  • Increased personal awareness and confidence both physically and vocally.
  • Experience in chairing/ contributing at ‘live’ round table meetings based on global workplace issues
  • Development of authentic, assertive and impactful behaviours
  • Exploration of work life balance and the home support services that enhance and enable rising leaders to succeed.
  • Fun filming opportunity sharing your personal vision and values to encourage enhanced workplace visibility.

Benefits for your organisation are:

  • Confident 1st line managers and rising leaders with an increased ability to influence colleagues, clients and customers
  • Potential leaders with greater skill in chairing, using positive behaviours and understanding of personal home support services required for success.
  • A complimentary course that goes to the heart of the challenges that organisations face whilst striving to reach GPG goals and the development of a diverse leadership fit for the future

Future outcomes

  • Diverse rising leadership that enhances productivity and profitability
  • Educational and creative exploration of potential and self-awareness
  • Fun, relaxed experiential learning that is challenging, creative and memorable

Emerging Leaders feedback

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to build up confidence and make themselves known and heard during meetings and presentations. I found the reflection on life balance really interesting too as it’s a key element, often neglected, when it comes to dealing with career progression.”
Valero Emerging Leader

“So many courses can feel quite dull and stuffy. This course is engaging, exciting and invigorating. I really looked forward to the sessions.” Emerging Leader

“I have already recommended the course to a colleague. Significant benefits are numerous ways of dealing with public speaking and chairing meetings and improved confidence in my ability and self awareness.”
Admiral Emerging Leader

Course Options

One day and one to one options of the Create Confidence Course are available on request. Each of the three modules can be tailored to your specific requirements. The one day and one to one options can be delivered at your company offices or at an arts venue.

Create Confidence

The first module focusses on identifying and developing authentic personal confidence whilst exploring the obstacles and fears that can prevent successful communication. The key to building your confidence and impact is through enhancing your personal knowledge of how to be physically and vocally present. Identifying your strengths and deepening your self-awareness and approach when communicating with colleagues, clients and stakeholders.

Balance Behaviours

The second module focusses on the skills that are vital for leadership including assertiveness, questioning and negotiating. Chairing and contributing in high level ‘live’ meetings involving relevant global equality, diversity and inclusion issues. Exploring meeting room etiquette and behavioural styles. There is also an opportunity to evaluate the balance and logistics of home support systems that will enable individuals to seek, secure and successfully work at a senior level.

Action Ambition

The final module brings all of the learning together with an emphasis on sharing personal and organisational vision to camera. Evaluating personal impact, visibility and practical steps to build on the skills developed during the course and the opportunity to reconsider what you want to achieve and what you need to do next. This powerful final session has lasting impact and visible rewards.


Act Now and Valero have built on the success of their nine years of partnership with the Create Confidence Programme. Of the ten participants attending the inaugural training modules. Two have secured funding for vital equipment post course and both attributed their successful outcomes to their increased levels of confidence, effectiveness and visibility. The significant impact these individuals will have on their colleagues, departments and the business has already exceeded expectations. We look forward to continuing to partner with Act Now in the future.
Denise Hicks Head of HR Valero Ltd