Create Confidence

Valero Energy Ltd has placed a cohort of emerging leaders on Act Now’s latest course. A three module programme of training supporting potential future leaders to seek/ apply and successfully secure managerial and leadership roles. The unique training is set in a cinema arts space and has achieved big results from the big screen. Using the secrets of stage, and screen to directly support the confidence and communication impact of Valero’s emerging leaders.

“Of the ten participants attending the inaugural training modules. Two have secured funding for vital equipment post course and both attributed their successful outcomes to their increased levels of confidence, effectiveness and visibility. The significant impact these individuals will have on their colleagues, departments and the business has already exceeded expectations. We look forward to continuing to partner with Act Now in the future.”

Denise Hicks Head of HR Valero Ltd


Power Presentation

Joint Winner of the Arts & Business Cymru 2008 Arts, Business and Employees Award

Arup employed Act Now in 2006 to devise a course which would improve the presentation skills of graduate engineers. As a direct result of this, Arup Cardiff’s team won a prestigious UK presentation award. Arup has continued to work with Act Now since then with a variety of tailored courses for every level in the business.

“I would definitely recommend Act Now courses to others. Everyone who comes back from an Act Now course is highly motivated. These courses get the highest possible feedback rating of all the external courses we do.”

Steven Luke MBE, Former West and Buildings Practice Leader

Hijinx Theatre

Transform Teams

Hijinx was keen to further develop its team and spend some quality time sharing good practice in a creative workshop environment as a springboard to future artistic activity. The aim of the training was to use the past as a touchstone for the future growth of the company.

“It was a rare chance for the company to work together in this way, as a team, not locked into our own roles – very equalising.”

Gaynor Lougher and Ben Pettitt-Wade