Wales & West Utilities

Customer Care

Winner of the Arts & Business Cymru 2014 Arts, Business & Employees Award
Act Now has delivered customer care courses offering an innovative and fresh approach to customer care for the company’s First Call Operatives, who respond to gas emergencies. Developing on the highly successful course created for customer care teams at the company’s headquarters, the training has contributed to Wales & West Utilities winning industry awards for customer care.
One attendee commented: “Well-presented course. Acting scenes hilarious. Course recommended.”

“As a result of the training our staff’s ability to offer creative solutions to their customers’ needs beyond the standard requirements for an excellent service rose by a massive 50%.”

Claire Edwards, Customer Service Manager


Presentation Skills Training

Joint Winner of the Arts & Business Cymru 2008 Arts, Business and Employees Award

Arup employed Act Now in 2006 to devise a course which would improve the presentation skills of graduate engineers. As a direct result of this, Arup Cardiff’s team won a prestigious UK presentation award. Arup has continued to work with Act Now since then with a variety of tailored courses for every level in the business.

“I would definitely recommend Act Now courses to others. Everyone who comes back from an Act Now course is highly motivated. These courses get the highest possible feedback rating of all the external courses we do.”

Steven Luke MBE, West and Buildings Practice Leader

Hijinx Theatre

Creative Team Training

Hijinx was keen to further develop its team and spend some quality time sharing good practice in a creative workshop environment as a springboard to future artistic activity. The aim of the training was to use the past as a touchstone for the future growth of the company.

“It was a rare chance for the company to work together in this way, as a team, not locked into our own roles – very equalising.”

Gaynor Lougher and Ben Pettitt-Wade

Fiona Rawlinson

Media Skills Training

An experienced consultant in palliative care, Fiona wanted to improve her skills presenting to camera and her live interview technique. She was offered an opportunity to present and interview a range of individuals for e-learning educational packages for palliative care in Africa, which would then be made free online globally. The packages have been very successful and Fiona’s aim of developing her confidence and skills exceeded her expectations thanks to six hours of one-to-one coaching.

“I signed up for specific things, and found a whole new range of skills which were useful not only in the African adventure, but also found that I am using them in my developing professional world.”

Hugh James Solicitors

Communicate to Educate

Joint Winner of the Arts & Business Cymru 2006 Staff Involvement Award
A tailored in-house programme to develop the communication skills of senior individuals within Hugh James Solicitors. There is sometimes an assumption that people in senior positions who are recognised experts and leaders in their fields have the confidence and skill to speak in public to any type of audience. This is not always the case. Seniority does not always bring with it an ability to effectively communicate and the overriding objective of this training was to strip back prejudices and reluctance to stand up in public, and equip staff with a presentations toolkit: to acquire the confidence, skill and capability to prepare for, deliver and evaluate a wide range of presentation situations to a variety of audiences, through different types of media.

“The benefits for the Firm have been significant. Confidence and quality have improved not just amongst the initial group of delegates but the approach advocated by Adrienne and her team has been cascaded throughout the organisation. The programme also helped to identify talent to establish the Firm’s stand-alone Training department.”

Helen Iles, Head of Training